Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Waves

It was 6 am. And still completely dark. Everyone else was sleeping. And on the beach it was just me and the waves awake. I was the calm one... And the waves were the noisy ones. They splashed and danced and sang. They frolicked and foamed. They crashed and played. Like little children who didn't know how to be quiet.

I sat on the chair and heard them playing. Sometimes I would see a white wave crashing on the shore and then the darkness engulf it. And I waited. For morning to arrive and wash everything in light. I waited to see that happen.

And it happened. I watched the darkness melt. I watched the light creep into crevices. I did nothing, said nothing. And it was beautiful. Just me and the waves.

And when the darkness melted enough, the waves seemed to beckon me. They asked me to take a walk with them. And I did. I strolled on the beach with the waves. The waves were playful, as usual. They came running, tickled my feet and by the time I could catch them, they would run away. I wrote my name on the sand and as I turned to look the other way, they would come and wipe it off. I chased them to the sea. But they always beat me to it.

They always beat me to it. Always.

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