Friday, October 11, 2013

Muqaddar Ka Sikandar

I was going through some old folders on my hard disk trying to clear off space and came across the movie "Muqaddar Ka Sikandar". So, I watched it (Fast forwarding). And once I had, I couldn't help narrate the story to you all. If you are unaware of the plot, please continue else you could skip to the ending scene in the last paragraph.

The Plot:
For those who haven't seen it, it is about a poor orphan(Amitabh) who was first taken into the household of a rich family, where he was loved by the little girl (Rakhee) of the house, whom Amitabh called "Memsaab". Later on he was blamed for stealing and thrown out of the house. Since then Rakhee hated him. Later on, Amitabh meets Vinod Khanna (in yet one more dramatic scene, where Vinod Khanna held a suitcase which was a time bomb and it exploded while still in his hands, and yet he hurt only his abdominal region. Vinod Khanna held his stomach while Amitabh took him to the hospital and he "got well soon")

Amitabh was always in love with his "Memsaab" but never had guts to tell her. Memsaab continued to hate him. Vinod Khanna keeps asking Amitabh, who his Memsaab was, but he never answers. In the meantime, Vinod Khanna and Rakhee (Amitabh's Memsaab, unknown to Vinod) fall in love. When Amitabh came to know about it, he sacrificed his love for his best friend and arranges their wedding. The villain Amjad Khan, abducts Rakhee (because he thinks Amitabh loved his love interest, Rekha. That is another hell of a part of the plot so I am skipping the details. Oh and, Amitabh changes Amjad's heart.). Amitabh saves her and in the meantime hurts himself badly, and we (the audience), realize that he is about to die.

The ending scene:
Amitabh is wrapped in a shawl (to hide his lethal wound near his abdomen) and is standing at a corner attending Vinod Khanna and Rakhee's  wedding. As soon as the the "Saat Phere" is over, Amitabh collapses to the ground. Vinod Khanna rushes off and holds Amitabh in his arms. Everyone is crying. Vinod Khanna keeps saying (in between other dialogues), "Nahi tu mujhe chhod ke nahi ja sakta. Mai tujhe nahi jane dunga.", but doesnt rush Amitabh to the hospital. Everybody is crying. And then Amitabh asks Vinod Khanna to sing and so Vinod Khanna starts singing.

I wonder:
I kept wondering, why didn't Vinod Khanna take Amitabh to the hospital. If Vinod Khanna could survive a bomb blast while holding the bomb in his hands, I am sure, Amitabh could have survived the injury of the iron rod.
Hindi Movies, eh !!!

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