Monday, July 5, 2010

At Bangalore!

I had been waiting to get down to bangalore and join the company I was placed in. And finally when I am here, I am actually trying to like the things that I am doing. I am trying to like my training sessions, my weekends and my evenings at the PG. Don't get me wrong! I am not miserable. I am simply not able to be myself. The self that I loved being. Confusing right ??? *grin* Even I am in a similar state of mind. I will give you an example. I hate cooking and yet yesterday I spent my whole morning walking down the streets of Shivajinagar market buying utensils to cook in. I spent more than Rs. 2000 on all of it. And this morning I got up early to cook and hated the procedure all along. But still I did it and I promise I am going to continue and I have absolutely no idea why.

The only thing that I am actually excited about is my new laptop and the soon to have an internet connection. Then I could come back to the world I love... reading and writing. Till then!