Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The walk.

I walk the streets...
To escape
the voices in my head.
I walk miles,
to rest
my tired feet.
I walk alone...
To put aside
untamed loneliness.

As I walk through exhaust fumes,
As thoughts rain on me,
A lump chokes me up.
The eye brims.

I walk until its dark.
And then turn back.
I know I need to get back...
Under a roof.

That night,
When I go to bed, I make a wish.
A wish...
That I didn't have to return.
That i could lie down,
and watch the stars...
for just a night.

For one night,
if I could get lost,
Without you asking me "Where?"

I know poems are not supposed to be on the blog, but a few now n then seems just fine. *wink*


Shas said...

Welcome back gal!!
Hope u don't disappear this time, too.
Hope this is a walk back to ur blog :D

Avishek said...

I'm first. I'm first. First to comment.

Now about the poem; you know stuff like that are bouncers for me. But for a change I guess I got this one. And again for another change, I liked it. Its kind of sad sad (if i got it rite), but its kind of what I feel at times. Not the sad sad part, but the lonely, walking, quiteness, watching stars all alone, not answering to anyone or anything. So, on the whole, I loved this one.

Bus ab isse zyada tareef nahi hota. I was always poor at those poem ki vyakhya and charater sketch questions.

So, keep writing such stuff once in a while which we less fortunate souls could understand, we love it :)

Raghu!! said...

and That poem lightens up your day...


Raghu!! said...

By the way, did u paint the pic in the poem ???

Mou said...

thanx dear ! I dont know if this is a walk bak to the blog. I hope it is. THough I dont really get much time for blogs these days. I am missin readin other blogs as well. :(

Thanx but U surprised me !
U appreciating my poem !!!! actually i shud repharse.... U appreciating a poem !!!

thanx :)
and the pic is not mine. googled it out ! :P

Saibal Barman said...

It is the darkness—the abundance of nothingness—that turns sparkly pride of existence into infinitesimally insignificant dot upon its vast canvas …and, it is the space where wishes of the morn turn into dreams and those dreams turn into newer wishes of the morn. Into its meditative sense flourish only a long silence that neither dethrones illusions of life nor crowns it to hold sway….Within its immensity are laid myriad paths for a soul to tread onto there, somewhere, anywhere, nowhere….and, there too that leaves none to be to ask “where?”…..
Excellent piece of expressions that have so subtly come out of you!
(The painting is pretty interesting although I have found it relevant to something of different context---of losing fond remembrances of love, trust and dependence as might Sakuntala bring out the ring out of belly of that fish for to relive remembrance into the heart of Dushmanta)

Mou said...

Wow ! Saibal.. You seriously have a way of expressions. :)

thanx for the appreciation..

About the pic... i didnt think much about it... googled it.. my moods made me feel it fitted.. so put it up.

Anonymous said...

lovely. Intense actually. :)

Mou said...

@The Bar Girl
Thanx :)
and welcome too !

Atalanta said...

Came across to your address accidentally in the virtual space through some Google search. Could not resist the reading of your poetry and then the other ones. Awesome. Forced to save this blog in my favourites for more such accidental enjoyment. Cheers!!