Monday, November 9, 2009

From the Diary of a Daily Passenger : Chapter 11

The woman replied, “Dunno ! But I don’t think so. I think it’s just their middle class mentality not to let the wife work.”
“Hmm. I will look for the tickets today and will let you know tomorrow. Fine with you?”
“Yes. You are not listening to me, but I think we must quit this job.”
“Arey, don’t worry about it right now. We will think about it later.

And then Anindita’s hearing system unable to filter loud noise, the words rang into her ears, “Your attention please, Train number 3105, Sealdah to Balia, Sealdah Balia Express is arriving shortly on platform number 3.”
It kept repeating in Bengali, Hindi and English.

The pair got up and walked away. Anindita got up slowly. She cursed the train for being on time, and then cursed the man who announced, then cursed the man who prepared the time table and then the driver and during the curing process walked down to the edge of the platform. She watched the pair walk away engrossed into their exclusive world.

The train arrived. As she got into the compartment, she lost sight of the pair, unaware of the fact that she had lost sight of them forever. That was the last time she ever saw them again.

Anindita walked into the compartment found a woman sitting all by herself on a big whole seat. She sat down at one corner. She had lots to think about that evening. She had her dose of humanity and did not need Balia express to provide her with anymore. She sat there quietly looking out of the window, thinking. As she sat there, she noticed the woman turned to look at her every now and then. She was a middle aged woman, wore a pink saree with green leafy border. She had her hair updone into a bun, very untidily. She must have been beautiful years back. She had big eyes, but yellowed. Her earlobes had a big hole resulted due to heavy ear rings. Every time the woman looked at her, she saw a curiosity and wondered if she was too shy to be able to initiate a conversation. Anindita smiled at her. Her lips parted into a smile displaying small, shapely, beautiful but yellow teeth. She looked good when smiling. Anindita asked, “Where are you going?”


Raghu!! said...

Gooooood to see you back! Its story time :-)

Saibal Barman said...

Wonderful expressions in 3rd and 4th paragraphs...the yearning to own up those moments and play with for long evaporates into a mist of awe; and stealthily it all slipped out sans leaving just a few moments of life--neither saturating it with sweet grains of contentment nor frothing out of its brink to hide those failed wishes under its bubbly veil---they were so finely caught suspended in between.

Paritosh said...

Wo! Wo! Wo! Look what the wind brought in! Where were you for sooooo long?

Mou said...

@raghu !
its good to be back too ! :)

@ Saibal
thanx :)
Its always great to have your comments. I look forward to have them :)

@ Paritosh...
:) :)
I was keeping my blog safe... (from deletions) :D