Monday, August 3, 2009

Un-Welcoming change

She never thought that at one point of time in her life, she would sit up one night and wonder what was going wrong? Or maybe was it going right? All she could do was wonder. She had always been stubborn with her thoughts. She had made her own rules about life, applied her own logic to them. She had lived with people and adjusted well, loved and was equally loved, but her thoughts were born out of her own heart. She may not have spoken them out loud, but they existed firmly within her, explaining and growing all through.
And all of a sudden, she felt as if she was made to stand at the top of a hill and look below... at the city that lay in the valley. The same city where she had lived and never known, because she was in there, amidst the crowd. And now as she stood at the top of the hill, she saw the same things at a distant and from a different perspective. She was surprised and confused, because the things that were bigger and clearer once, were at the moment far away, unclear, yet she had her view stretched far and things had started to relate. And standing there, she wondered what made her climb up the hill. Yes, that was what she worried about the most - the reason for that uphill climb.
And as she climbed higher, she realized the change within herself. The change was simple and ordinary. Like finding the same music noisy that was once a tribute to ears. Like moving from the bustle of a city to the silence of the skies. Like falling in love with a flute instead of the guitar. Like sitting by the uphill road and watch a damselfly fly by instead of holding hands with the man she loved.
She knew he loved her, and she loved him back. Maybe she needed some time. Time enough to have seen the valley, time enough to walk down the hill, time enough to gather up her scattered thoughts and arrange them, time enough to un-welcome the change.


Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...


you write really well..and lovely blog..

thank you so much for stopping by my blog..


pawan said...

I thought she would jump off the cliff or something!
Time enough to un-welcome the change, this one needs a heavy round of applause!

Your about me and this write up gives me a strong feeling that you have watched the movie, "Into the Wild", if you didn't please watch it, I bet you will love it!


Shashank Shekhar said...

Kudos Damsel Fly! It's a treat to read this one! Wonderful thought! I guess everyone in life reaches this uphill from where even the closest relation looks like the farthest! I am sure this damsel will fly out safely and happily! :)

Mou said...

thank you both for visiting and appreciating :)

thanx pawan !
she couldnt have jumped off the hill, she wasnt actually at the top of the hill, it was like being on the top of a hill. :)

Into the Wild is a wonderful, wonderful movie. I can watch it a hundred times over. (wondering how many times I am already done ! :P )

chandreyee said...

lovely piece..there is some mystery to this story which captures you once you start reading and then the story is ended very beautifully leaving one wanting for more...

pawan said...

@ Mou: See, I was right about "Into the Wild", one of my favourite movies, I was planning to write an article on the Lord Byron's popular poem, but I am in short of ideas!

But yea, it's a hell of a movie!

Paritosh said...

Hmmmm.... u r trading dangerous waters now. Being philosophical is one thing and putting down ur philosophy on pen and paper a completely different one. Hope you don't feel dizzy after writing these pieces :).

Mou said...

I am happy that you liked it.
well I agree that thoughts do exist in some corner of ur mind wen u write up something.. but still I would never write so vividly about myself, not at least on my blog. So.. u can call it fiction in a way. :)

And this post was the result of a sleepless last night. I slept peacefully after I had written this down. :P

Saibal Barman said...

I admire its lucid flow of thoughts...the first paragraph was so finely woven with perfect blend of words and emotion. The following turned philosophical in a quick blow of Joyce and it instantly carried me to another situation when Lord Krishna stood alone atop Gomantak peak—clasped into pleasure of uniqueness of life suspended gently within illusions of relationships and pains of experiencing its futility without being part of such illusory world—and he thought of irrefutable presence of destiny in an endless game of creation. And, it descended elegantly along the streaming thoughts and finely left a space for the readers to draw own conclusion.
A praiseworthy contribution!

Mou said...

@ Chandreyee
yea... i wrote it a total mood frenzy. I was unable to sleep and I had to get up 5 in the morning. I kind of felt helpless... :P

Helplessness creates good philosophy I guess ! :)
Thanx for appreciating ! :)

I havent read much of byron.. but whatever little i have written, it has always been good to read !

Mou said...

*big grin*
oh yes i did feel dizzy. this was a result of my sleeplessness. I slept peacefully after posting this one ! :D

And about penning down philosophy... i have lots already penned down... :P

Mou said...


thank you for this wonderful comment :)
I would have never been able to describe it so wonderfully as u did using your wonderful ability to play with words (evident on ur blog).
Having a reader like you feels good ! :)

I did not know about the Lord Krishna part u mentioned. From where do u come to know such stuff?

Anonymous said...

Hi Just came across your blog.. liked your writing style a lot..

Raghu!! said...

Lovely way of expressing the CHANGE, which is permanent!..May the Damsel fly from top of the hill, in to the SKY....
A lighter note - A person is happy when a good partner exists, else the person becomes Philosopher :-)..

Dhiman said...

You are certainly moving up the hill by the way the quality of posts are turning out...excelling by the day... gr8

Mou said...

@ evanescentthoughts
thank you for dropping by :)

Just an information... I am not a philosopher... random thoughts is all you can call it, and it has nothing to do with a good partner ;-)

thank you !
Such writes from me exist in abundance written during the downhill climbs of my moods... just that they usually do not find their place on the blog.

Shilpa Garg said...

A very beautiful thought and a great execution. Liked it!! :)

Mou said...

thank you shilpa ! :)

Saibal Barman said...

I read about such introspection of Lord Krishna in one amongst so many brilliant research work by Dr. Dipak Chandra published under title of "Sri Krishna Purusottam"...


Mou said...

@ Saibal
i wish i could get hold of it.