Friday, August 7, 2009

An Ode to Friendship

The walk on the railway tracks,
By the river as our laughter cracks,
As the sun dips into the waters
During the dusky hours.
Dark waters flow by.
Under the moon we lie.
A word or two, but often silence talks...
Barefoot on little pieces of rocks.
As the evening clouds turn red...
A lone bird flies with a crumb of bread...
Two pairs of eyes smile.
Two hands held... for miles !

Those miles end...
What remains is the afterglow
Of the walk... that prevailed

Some leisure hours by the bustle of the day,
Some evenings, Some moonlit skies,
A smile with a thought,
In one corner lies.

This poem was written for the purpose of a testimonial on orkut for a friend... We were the best of friends, till she got committed. We are still in touch and we are still great friends, and I know we always will be.

Some light poems do show up on the blog .. dont they?


pawan said...

This is beauty!
Poetic beauty and also the best of all your poems!
The way the poem ends in quite touching, and your friend is real lucky to get such a nice testimonial!

I'll give a detailed comment tomorrow!


Shashank Shekhar said...

Absolutely! They show up and they ROCK! I like when it comes to the expressions. Portraying it with everything in surrounding makes it more beautiful. Perfect emotions! Kudos!

chandreyee said...

wow..excellent piece..made me go back to my college friends to carefree laughters and an unmistakable feeling of missing those days gone by...

Mou said...

Thank you ppl. :)

Arslan said...

Don't you think most friendships are fleeting? I've come to believe that, and maybe its better that way.. :)

Still, nice post.

Dhiman said...

This is an excellent poem... its said that one should have atleast a few great friends to be successful in life so kudos to your friendship...

Mou said...

Arslan, I dont know how intimately have u seen frndship, makes me feel u have. :)
Whatever i have written in the poem.. every line of it says a life i have lived with a frend. They were the most wonderful days i have ever lived ! i can accept the fact that frndships are fleeting, but i dont think its better that way.

Mou said...

thank you :)
and u r absolutely right. :)

Shas said...

Hi! Mou,
This was so sweet and thoughtful of you to dedicate these lines to your friend. Indeed she is lucky to have you as a friend.

Saibal Barman said...

It's so refreshing to smell sweet fragrance of upturned virgin soil of innocent childhood !

Mou said...

@ Shas and Saibal
Thank you :)