Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fully Untagged !

Tagged by Dhiman ! It is called "the mind game". The rule is Answer all these questions starting with the first letter of your name. You cannot use one word twice and cannot use your name for the boy/girl names. And tag people.

And here goes the tag....

1. What is your name:

2. A four Letter Word: meal

3. A boy’s Name:Mahul (thts my brother's name.. i guess thts allowed !)

4. A girl’s Name: Madhuri

5. An occupation: Mazdoor :P

6. A color: magenta

7. Something you wear: Mozari (its a type of shoe... but you wear it )

8. A food: Momo, malai curry (prawns), mughlai, madhu (honey), mowa (a laddoo kind of thing... bengalis wud know), manchurian,.... yaar.. i can go on and on :D

9. Something found in the bathroom: Mirror

10. A place: Manikaran (in Himachal Pradesh, a city with hot water springs)

11. A reason for being late: missed the bus/train

12. Something you shout: MY GOD !!!!

13. A movie title: Mann (Aamir Khan and Manisha Koirala)

14. Something you drink: Mirinda

15. A musical group: metallica (i dont like it much though)

16. An animal: Mouse

17. A Street name: Mahatma Gandhi Road

18. A type of car: Matiz

19. A song title: Mere Dholna sun (from the movie Bhool Bhulaiya)

20. A verb: make

Finally, I am fully untagged. No more pending tags. Now tagging is a very difficult part. Most of the people have already been tagged. Those who arent, I do not wish to tag them explicitly! Take it up anybody who wants to.


pawan said...

Got to know a few Bengali food names!

Good one :)
Time pass ho gaya!

And happy Vinayaka Chaviti!

Shruti said...

HEY am the first one to come..
Finishing of the tags gives a very happy feeling na!?
Neatly done again!
What does MOU means?!

Dhiman said...

@Shruti Mou in English means 'nectar'
@Mou ki theek bollam to :D ... I know you would answer this anyway...checking my Bangla gyan :D

MG Road is very common road in India so don't have name the city where its found :D very nice....

"Mowaa" has watered my mouth ... uuuff sotti....

Oh Mahul's your brother... I had been to his blog as well...

Good that you are "Untagged" .... Tag storm seems to be down now....but you never know :D

Mou said...

m happy thst i helped u a bit in timepassing ! :P

belated Ganesh chaturthi :)

Dhiman already answered you :)
mou means "nectar" (or "honey" in common day to day usage).

:D Bangla gyan is good it seems !
and yea mahul's my brother !

mowaa is not something i am crazy about... but i know people who are seems u r one of them. :P