Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A bit of Explanation

Recently I posted "A Perfect Love Story", then let it stay on the blog for a few hours and then deleted it, saying that it was a little personal.
People are getting me wrong. I am down with questions from many. I guess the title did the trick. Trust me it wasn't about my love story. I have no *such* complains about my love story !

I had watched three wonderfully unrealistic, dramatic love stories viz,
Love aaj Kal
27 Dresses
When Harry met Sally

The third one was not that dramatic, and maybe that's what created the now deleted post.
It was just about this dramatic feature of movies and the hour (3 am in the morning) that brought out thoughts that are good when kept to myself. It was all about why could we not do those dramatic things in reality !

Please stop analyzing those who are !


pawan said...

I saw that post and before I could comment it was off your blog. I wanted to complain but I ignored!
I haven't seen the movies you mentioned and do not have intentions of watching them either!

Welcome back after a brief hiatus!

leo30 said...

Somebody gonna hurt real bad..!! :| :|

Raghu!! said...

I think, I am out of context about the contents of this post! .... BUT, I like the pic u put for post!... That reminded me of HumTum movie..Somehow I love that move :-)

Mou said...

at least you know then.. there wasnt anything that questionable in it.
But i will take care not to do such things again !

about the movies... dont worry about them.. i wudnt suggest u to watch them !

Mou said...

check your mail !

the whole fuss is about a deleted post. And most people are out of context about this post... coz very few people read it. dont worry about it.. it wasnt a big deal !

And even i like the movie hum tum !

Maurya said...

Hey I missed that... Couldn't read that.. I know its too much to ask for but can you please forward me on my mail. Thanks in advance!!! :P

Mou said...

that post was deleted to ensure it was missed. :P
chk your mail to finad an apology ! :P