Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Stupid AB Rhyme

I get up early

And set my hair curly

I brush my teeth

A thought to eat

It’s ONLY seven!!!!

Oh God! I swear to heaven.

To break my fast

I cook at last.

Computer switched on

Poof! The lights gone.

The UPS cries,

My energy dies.

I take a shower

I check the hour

Off to office I go,

My work – well I know

I work the day

And rest ! Nay !

The clock’s five thirty

I leave, still hearty.

Back home

I sit alone

I think a bit

Between my lips a cigarette lit.

Or maybe I watch

A movie or a match

Or a poem, down I pen

As silly thoughts rain

And in my empty head they chime

Following a stupid AB AB rhyme.

So, I stop.

About the empty room I hop

For I have no work

And none to talk

After a while I dine

And go to bed a little later nine

And dream about a morn

Of a different alarm’s horn

Hoping to see something new

But I guess that’s not yet due

So, no complains for the wait

I have patience for the late.

P.S. : An example of killing time.


Raghu!! said...

Its Stupid + Sweet :)... as anybody who reads, will end up with a smile to themself..
U make the blog looks more of Visual treat!!...Nice work in designing it :)
Got in to Job ?

Mou said...

thanx raghu !
no not into job yet :P

Yubaraj said...

I think so u r impressed wid my life. Its sumwat my life.Anyways, its sweet one.

Mou said...

@yubraj da
Do you smoke??? :O :P

at a point the poems said, "Between my lips a cigarette lit."

just kidding...
its not only ur story.. its inspired froma lot of ppl including me. :)

and more than that it was basically killing time, coz i had nothing else to do.

Greatpank said...

Nice and innocent...

Mou said...

@ Greatpank
Thanks pankaj! :)

leo30 said...


Your best creation.....
and I wonder... if it reflects you.. ;)..

Mou said...

@ leo30
thanx aashish ! :D

there are certain things u shudnt wonder in public !!! :P

Shas said...

While reading ur poem i felt as if i was reading about my daily life except the cigarette bit.
I enjoyed reading it. Keep it up!

Mou said...

@ Sha
Thank you very much for the appreciation.

ARJUN MS said...

I think this poem should be included in ones English Language syllabus, everyone will enjoy it.

Mou said...

Well not sure about including in class 1's syllabus... :D
but i loved writing this poem.

chandreyee said...

reading your poem was a treat in itself...very nice...:)

Mou said...

Thank you chandreyee :)

pawan said...

This sure was funny!
The best way to kill time!
It's difficult to maintain tempo for a comic poem like this, and the poem to the last was interesting, if not hilarious!

Mou said...

thanx pawan !
I am not much into writing comic poems, coz the reason u mentioned... maintaining the tempo till last... I was happy with this though !