Thursday, July 9, 2009

E-Mailed !

Today morning I received an e-mail. Before I say anything.. let me copy paste it.

Dear Sir/Madam,
> I have completed my B.Tech in Computer Science from Beant College Of
> Engineering & Technology,Gurdaspur with an aggregate of 66% in June 2008.
> 1. In my college training, i have completed Library Automation using C++..
> 2. . In my industrial training i have worked on Academic section project
> for SLR Infotech, Chandigarh using Java as Platform as mentioned in resume.
> I want to be part of your esteemed organization and hereby applying for
> fresher's opportunity.
> Please find attached my resume for your consideration.
> Awaiting for your positive response.
> Thanks & Regards,
> Charanjeet singh

It also had an attachament. The guy's CV. Do you want to take a look? Whats the use? The point here is not the CV, but the fact that I own an institution !!!
Such an irony! I have been waiting for my joining and the ITC guys are being so cruel and heartless. And people are sending me their resumes. Wonderful! I wish there was someone who would take some interest in my resume!

Poor guy. I guess he must have made a typing mistake while typing the email id. Or maybe he noted it wrong. Being a very concerned person (as everybody must know ), I thought the poor guy must be waiting for the person to reply in affirmation. And may be he is desperate about a job (every jobless person is). So, I thought I must let him know that he sent it to a person who, forget about owning a company, is herself dying to get into a job!
So, heres the reply...

> hello chiranjeet
> i dont know who have u tried to send this mail to. U must have typed
> the wrong email address. please re chek and resend. i am just a
> student and i do not have any institution..
> i thought i would let u know in case u be waiting for a reply for ur mail.

> Regards,
> Mou.

God bless him. May he get a job soon !
As for me, I wish he had mentioned the company he was applying for !


neelu said...

henh henh henh....
congrats mou....
yaar mujhe bhi rakh le...
badi mehnat karungi...pakka

Mou said...

he he he he :D
resume bhej dena apna...
tujhe kaise mana kar sakti hoon??? :P

tu padhti hai mera blog? thanx! :)

Paritosh said...

Hmmmmm... the ironies of life. BTW what about your diary thingy? Have not seen a post about that for sometime now.

Mou said...

@ paritosh
yea.. have been thinking of writing the next part... just was not feeling like it .. hoping to write it off in a few days... lets see !

leo30 said...

hehe :D

After all you were the placement Coordinator na....
btw.. shal I forward mine..???
still waiting for the joining, may be "Mou mam" can help..!! :D

Mou said...

@ leo30
sure fwd urs....
waise oracle me baithkar joining maand raha hai?? sharam nahi aati tereko?? :P

Shilpa Garg said...


ARJUN MS said...

That was interesting ........
Hope he got a good job by now.

Mou said...

yea.. its cool shilpa.. but wud have been cooler, if i at least had a job ! :D

Yea.. poor guy ! I too hope he gets a job soon!

Anup said...

Hi Mou,

A nice one indeed. A fresh and crisp one out of our daily lives. Love going through your blog. Keep writing :)

Mou said...

Thank you Anup ! :)
Btw are you the Anup I know?? I mean St. Francis? Deoghar?

Anup said...

O yes... I missed out on relating our old association.. Thankfully, you remember the name and the guy in school.. :)