Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Bucket List

I haven’t seen the movie yet and I have no idea when I will be able to. Now-a-days movies seem a far fetched idea. Well, I have seen Dasvidaniya (The Indian version). Liked it. So, I thought maybe a bucket list of mine wouldn’t be bad.

So here goes:

  • Get married. I hate loneliness. Well, I am not in a hurry… But still, it’s important.
  • Travel around the world.
  • Build a home in the mountains. I love mountains. Have you ever been to Peling (near Gangtok)? We stayed in a hotel and every time I landed into the balcony, a vast stretch of mountains surrounded us with 7 waterfalls embedded into those vegetated rocks. It was beautiful I don’t know why mountains attract me like anything. If somebody tells me that I would never have to worry about basic things of life, I guess I can go up to live among the mountains.
  • Adopt two children. At least that would help the population and would give a home and parents to two orphans. I wonder if every couple adopted a child each, India would be a better place to live in.
  • Be called a writer one day.
  • Be active socially specially in the field of education of poor children.
  • Have a huge library. (the kind The Beast gifted Beauty, in the animated movie The beauty and the Beast )
  • Kill 3 politicians when I am on the verge of dying.

That’s a hell of a list. There are a few others. But it would be dangerous for my reputation if I put them on the blog. So, that’s it.

P.S. The post was inspired by Paritosh Gunjan’s bucket list on his blog. Take a look if u feel like.


Paritosh said...

Hmmmm.... Nice list. I loved the last one specially, just gimme a call whenever you feel you are ready ;).

And thanks for the link to my blog, sometimes it gets very lonely there. Could really use some more readership.

leo30 said...

hehe :D nice one.. specially your wish to kill 3 politicians... why just 3..?? :O


"But it would be dangerous for my reputation if I put them on the blog"


Mou said...

@ Paritosh
yea sure... would love to give u the call ;)
and about the link to ur blog... ur welcome..
Btw y dont u join indiblogger? Would help you in your blog readership :)

yaar tune ye leo30 kyun rakha hai apna naam??? isko aashish kar de. :P
btw sirf 3 isliye cause jab marne wali hougi to i'll be damn old. do you think I will have the energy for more than 3??? even 3 is a big deal. would u like to help?? ;-)
And reputation ka dhyan rakhna padta hai yaar ! :P

Dhiman said...

That's a nice bucket list :) .... You are already beginning to be a writer so that one is on its way :) .... and kill 3 politicians eh...

Mou said...

@ Dhiman

Thanx ! I meant serious writing.. like novel or something!
And the politician stuff... dont u feel the same???

btw i was thinking itna openly likh diya maine... pata chala agli baar koi politician mara.. logo ne aakar mujhe hi pakad liya.

Dhiman said...

Have you seen any politician of repute killed in any Terror or Naxal or any attack ? SO don't worry nobody is killing politicians untill next 40-50 years when you'll do it :)

Mou said...

yea... u r absolutely right Dhiman !!!!
great ! u lifted off a great burden from my shoulders.. :P :D

Shilpa Garg said...

Interesting list!

Mou said...

Thank you Shilpa :)