Monday, June 15, 2009

Notes: (from the diary of a Daily Passenger)

Lots of people are asking me why isnt a dairy being written in the first person? I was thinking about it myself. And let me confess this is an error, I did not think about it earlier.

"Anindita" is actually myself wen i was into internship @ chittaranjan. I was still a daily Passenger, when I had thought of writing the experiences. At that time I had planned to write it in the 1st person, and thus accordingly, the title.

Later I changed plans and thought of venturing into writing something in the 3rd person. (My first write in the 3rd person). The seocnd reason for this change of plan was... other than things that really happened, there are bits and patches of imagination here and there (both of incidents and thoughts), and this time i wanted to keep them off my shoulders.

And trust me, I am having a tough time with this. I usually write in a flow and rarely go back and check what I have written. I have little patience for that, so i often leave behind traces of my old habit of writing in the first person. If you find any... leave a comment. I'll check and correct it.

As for the title, I can change the title now.. but i dont know why, i love this title... So, let it be..
After all... unrecognized writers have the privilege of making errors.


Yubaraj said...

"Daily Passenger"shows the real India.Travelling in reserved coaches does not shows that how friendly we Indians are. We Indians belief that we are just like a family and always there to help the one who needs it.Its not a story or a experience, its gives the real essence of India.Its a wonderful thing written by Mou.

Mou... said...

@yubraj da
thanx... :)
But i don't think every Indian is this friendly. Sophistication robs a lot of humanity from people. You are right, we don't see this aspect in reserved coaches.
In this write, it might look as a positive aspect but there is a dark side to it, like two phases of one coin.

Dhiman said...

How about a title like "Saga of Daily Passenger" ...well I am very bad at titling you see... nevertheless writing fiction in third person is the easiest of all styles prevalent...
You should try it...more
and you have done a good job at it I must say...

Mou said...

@ Dhiman
Thanx :)