Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hoping for more

-->I met the boy
At the evening temple door
The stretched hand, for a penny
And I knew he wanted more

Every night lying by the steps
With The stone under and stars ahead
A dream... warmed and coyed
A mother's touch on a soft bed

The walk by the school
To build a home ...for us. To work.
A silent gaze, A shy look.
A smile... That hurt.

At the end of the day by the temple step,
For dinner, plain rice was all he could make.
He was a kid...
His rough hands could as well long for a cake.

An unexplored world lay ahead...
Yet all he knew was a temple door
A walk to work, back and forth
And a dream, hoping for more !

P.S. : I wrote this poem for a poetry competetion a poetry site. Won a consolation prize. The judge was a friend of mine :P

1 comment:

M VERMA said...

And a dream, hoping for more !
very nice poem
Its inner sense is beautiful