Friday, June 26, 2009

The busy mee!

I got placed in a company. And I am ready to take up the job anytime they call me up for it. But unfortunately, they aren't calling me now, and the worst part, they aren't even saying when "could" they possibly offer me a joining date. So, right now... I sit at home. Well, I had been out of station for some days but that was just about 3 weeks or so. In short, Right now I have lots of time. And these days, I'm always trying to find something to do. its not that I don't have anything to do. I blog a lot. When I get bored,I make a sketch(which I am good at) or paint (and try to improve my coloring skills). And if blogging as well as fine arts bore me (try only these two activities for a week), I try stitching (read designing) a dress(though not often).

Now lets calculate... it takes me about 3 to 4 hours to complete a sketch, and if it involves colors, it takes about 6 hours. So, if I be sincere, I can complete 1 sketch per day, even after blogging for sometime.(if i am not blogging as if blogspot would pay me).

Being a person, who can spend a lot of time with self, I have hundreds of thoughts going on, that I usually type into notepad. So, on an average I have one post everyday. That makes it a sketch and a post everyday. Other than that, there are other writes. And I would like to put most of them on my blog. But you know what, even though I really have nothing to do... its embarrassing telling people that I actually have nothing to do, and I am exactly trying to kill time to be very precise. And if I would 3 posts on my blog a day........

So, I decided I would stock them up and post on my blog one by one, day by day, as if I had made it up right then. And as a result, Right now I have many things to be put on the blog. (Plans changed though).

Actually think of it this way... how would it be if u find my blog being updated say 4 times a day. People would stop reading (whatever little bundle of readers I have). So, two days ago I came up with a great idea to keep myself. Cooking !! (I remember days when i hated doing that). So since yesterday I have borrowed my mom's kitchen. I am working on my cooking skills and i am not hating it the way I used to. In fact I cook good.


Mou... said...

I hate the smileys... :(

Arslan said...

Looking forward to a post-and-sketch-a-day! :)

Btw, new here, and now following..

I scribble and doodle a bit too..

bunty said...

My god now u started wrting Pakaooooooo blogs!! :)

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Hmmm... Keep blogging.
One way to reduce your outflow of blog posts would be to try writing stuff you are not used to writing.

And if you are not very averse to the idea, try commenting on my posts.

Raghu!! said...

hmmm...hate smileys!!! they remind you of your mirror image :).. I think its not easy to hate the mirror image ;)... Have fun..

Avishek said...


Who eats that stuff!!!!!

Oh dear lord, have mercy on her parents and get her the job ASAP!!!!

Mou... said...

Saw ur blog.. its good! Ur a good artist. Loved ur work. :)

hmmm... pakaooooooo... Tips please ;)

hmmm... of course a good idea... but it would inspire me if the activity gets reciprocated on my posts :P

U got me wrong actually... I looove smileys. But I hate the ones I have used on my blog. Get it now?

1. There are people in this world who think they are the best. Not Bad... it keeps them happy!!
2. How much do u know bout me... u dont even know how i look in person !
3. Trust me, if I ever meet u sometime in my life, come prepared to get stuffed up with my cooking. :P

Avishek said...

i surely know u r poor at addition and counting!!!!!!

now lets imagine a situation where u had 2 put 1 spoons chilli powder and bcoz u don't know counting, u put 3.

anyone out there wants 2 risk that
;) :P

Mou... said...

watever... if u ever meet me u will have to take the risk. You are not being given options. :P