Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finally Done changing the blog look.

Though I did not really like this look but still, since I am going to be busy for the next week going out on a vacation, this look will do for the time being. As for the blog title... well :) ... I am tired of "drops". So... :P :)
And once I am back, lets see... what do i do.
The last few days had been hectic... with this rain and storm, slow internet, less electricity and Ghulu gone.

Well, Ghulu was not so friendly as the earlier squirrels have been. She always seemed to be sad about being captivated. So, I let go. Day before yesterday, in the afternoon, I put her at a hole near my ceiling and she was gone. She didnt show up again that day or till yesterday evening. Yesterday evening, I was busy with my blog and I heard her. I turned round and there she was. :)
She ate, and went back to sleep. She slept like dead.

This morning, she woke up, ate her full and I put her at the hole again. Gone !
Hope she comes back. But sadly enough I wont be there in the evening to see it.

Anyways, got to wind up and get ready... Train at 1.15 pm. Wish me happy journey. By the way.. heres a sketch I made when the internet was too damn slow, or when there was no electricity. :)


Dolly(Prachi)!!! said...

Oye kaha ja rhi hai ye to bata do ..badiya hai li
blog look is too good ....
meri kuch queries hai blog se related then when can i clear my doubts with u ? mam plz tell me

Dolly(Prachi)!!! said...

oye mai pagli kyon... ek aur title de diiya nhiiiiiiiiiiii
waisse waqiting for ur new creation ..
to mam plz update soon na....