Friday, May 22, 2009

Experiment crashed

I was experimenting with the blog template.. I took care.. Lot of care.
And then one silly mistake ! And this is where I landed. All Topsy-turvy. My poor blog !
I felt like banging my head into something. In fact I am still feeling that way. Any consolations would be welcome.
So before I restore my blog back to its original self, I need a break. The past two I blogged like anything, and this where I ended up. So, the next two days ... complete rest.

Till then, welcome to my clumsied blog. So Long !

1 comment:

Dolly(Prachi)!!! said...

u always do like tht.. first u delete n then feel so bad.. wht man ..
u know na ur poems are just too good tht some peoples are like tht they daily read ur blog n feels extremely lively n good and u know i m one among them .. but tum to tum ho ..
kuch nhi ho sakta..
plz yaar dont do like tht ..we really miss ur blogs