Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finally Done changing the blog look.

Though I did not really like this look but still, since I am going to be busy for the next week going out on a vacation, this look will do for the time being. As for the blog title... well :) ... I am tired of "drops". So... :P :)
And once I am back, lets see... what do i do.
The last few days had been hectic... with this rain and storm, slow internet, less electricity and Ghulu gone.

Well, Ghulu was not so friendly as the earlier squirrels have been. She always seemed to be sad about being captivated. So, I let go. Day before yesterday, in the afternoon, I put her at a hole near my ceiling and she was gone. She didnt show up again that day or till yesterday evening. Yesterday evening, I was busy with my blog and I heard her. I turned round and there she was. :)
She ate, and went back to sleep. She slept like dead.

This morning, she woke up, ate her full and I put her at the hole again. Gone !
Hope she comes back. But sadly enough I wont be there in the evening to see it.

Anyways, got to wind up and get ready... Train at 1.15 pm. Wish me happy journey. By the way.. heres a sketch I made when the internet was too damn slow, or when there was no electricity. :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Experiment crashed

I was experimenting with the blog template.. I took care.. Lot of care.
And then one silly mistake ! And this is where I landed. All Topsy-turvy. My poor blog !
I felt like banging my head into something. In fact I am still feeling that way. Any consolations would be welcome.
So before I restore my blog back to its original self, I need a break. The past two I blogged like anything, and this where I ended up. So, the next two days ... complete rest.

Till then, welcome to my clumsied blog. So Long !

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ghulu: My Squirrel

is her name. Its a she squirrel. I found her day before yesterday. She fell from her nest into my room. I tried to put it back into her nest... but she seemed a bit confused and scared. Instead of climbing upto her nest she turned round and ran in the opposite direction. So, Now she is with me. She is lovely. Still very young. Hasnt even learned to bite. (thank god for that).

Well, the Ghulu name is odd. But I like it. I was actually calling her names like you call a kid... Shonu, puchu, and then Ghulu. So, Ghulu remained.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Water Color

I told you, I work with colors too... Here it goes.

"Sketch Book" merged into "Drops"

It was a bit confusing maintaining two blogs together... So, i thought why not merge the two into one.
The blog looks a bit haphazard now.. but its okay.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Missing blogging...

For the last two months I have been missing blogging desperately. I had to be in office and there was just a single system with internet and I did not have an internet connection at home. Deoghar (my hometown) is bad when it comes to internet cafes. So, in short, I was dying to blog and ended up thinking of topics that I wanted to write. Rite now I am sitting here in my ex-hostel room (one of my juniors and also a wonderful friend lives in it now) and writing this post. And i am lost where to start, what to write.
I have always found it hard to express myself the exact way I want to. And that is why I am comfortable with poems. Its easier to express yourself there. You dont need to be precise, or specific. You just pour out words in the way you want to, and yet leave the feeling behind them to the reader. That is why i am absolutely in love with poems. You can relate every poem with yourself.
Yet, you know what, I feel really odd putting up poems for people to read. I think a lot before I let people read it. It makes me feel, what if people get to know what I really felt. Feelings are so personal. Feelings are something that you can never share, its just the incident that you share. Feelings can never have words. Because every word holds a different feel for every person. And its hard to communicate it. And this is one the biggest reasons why I keep deleting profiles and blogs. When I really feel out of the world, lonely, misunderstood I hate to think that somebody would be reading things that I penned down once. I know its odd... real odd. But it scares me.
And so... Poof !!! blogs deleted !!!
And when I come back to my normal self, the normal happy me.... I miss all of it. I miss my earlier blogs, I miss writing a new post. and for the last few months, I have been missing blogging.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I also Use Colors

Guys, I know, anybody who sees my blog would believe that I dont use colors. Dont interpret that I only work with pencils... I do use colors. Its just that I was too busy for the last few days and I didnt have proper access to the internet. And right now I dont have my pictures scanned. So, all you have to do is... wait for a few more days.... well of course if it interests you.
Anyways, got to go. see u later.

Pencil Work

Pencil Work

Pencil Work